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27 Ways to Know You Need Clarity Brought to Your Org’s Content

Still haven’t reached out to content experts?  That could be because you’re firing on all cylinders and getting absolutely everything right.  Or it could be that the fog is so thick around the issue of content in your organization it’s all everyone can do just to grope around in the soup and get by another day.

Check the boxes to see if your brand is a good candidate for some clarity around your content.

 There’s not a company-wide understanding of what is meant by “content”.

 There’s no knowledge of who in the organization or which department is in charge of content.

 Content is run simultaneously and in different ways in different departments.

 There is no C-suite executive who understands the importance of content or is championing it.

 Content is placed in the hands of multiple ad-hoc agencies who frankly, are most invested in securing larger engagements.

 No one is sure how to get content made.

 Nobody seems to know, or care, what kind of content customers and prospects want to get.

 Content is not being strategized and made to move the sales (or even retention) needle.

 All content being made is safe, sterile, corporate, and compromised to satisfy a cast of executives instead of the customer.

 There is no documented content strategy. You’re winging it and hoping to get lucky.

 There is no serious budget for content. You still think it should be free and magic.

 There is no acceptance that in 2017, content IS communication. So if you’re not dealing in content, you’re failing to communicate externally and internally, with all the chaos that brings.

 For some reason, all the truly creative employees you have are deeply frustrated and unhappy.

 You don’t think video is a modern-day business mandate. You’re waiting for those YouTube and Facebook Video fads to just go away.

 You don’t believe that content can be made cost effectively at scale.

 You don’t believe that “less and more effective” is better than “make lots more lame stuff.”

 You don’t know WHY you should make content; that there should be a specific mission and purpose behind every asset.

 There’s no understanding of how to tell if a content asset is successful or not.

 You have a generalized anxiety that your competitors’ content is much better than yours.

 Nobody knows who your execs are because they have not put themselves out there via content as leaders in their space.

 Staff does not retain or react to a great deal of the internal comms pushed to their inboxes.

 The business press isn’t covering you.

 You’ve actually been pretty happy with your content efforts, but there’s a next level you’re not quite sure how to get to.

 You throw your customers and prospects into FAQ, Knowledge Base hell instead of quickly responding with a content asset(s) that directly addresses what they’re looking for, and in their preferred format.

 All you’re doing is listing your features and selling stuff. You’re not crafting or telling your story…which is what humans connect to.

 You’ve invested big money in marketing technologies and platforms, but it’s just sitting there collecting dust because you don’t have the content strategy or production to power it. You’ve got the veins but no blood.

 Your social media channels are sharing others’ content, because you don’t have much of your own.

If you find yourself with a lot of check marks, don’t feel bad.  Like any other business function, content creation and storytelling is a specialized discipline.  Organizations aren’t born with it.  So whether it’s us or some other content specialists worth their salt, it’s healthy to at least have initial conversations about your current story and challenges.

In a bad fog, even seeing a little light can be quite encouraging.

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