The Work

You’ve heard it a lot. “We should be making more content, like blogs and videos.” And you may have asked, “Okay, but why?”

Did you ever get a clear answer to this appropriate question? Truth missile: vocal and persistent proponents of content marketing have, after years of writing and convening about it, failed to inspire many C-suites there’s a valid monetary reason to truly commit to content. Smart people have come close and can show ROI stories, but those with eyes on the bottom line frankly haven’t been blown away.

We approach content from the angle of crafting stories that close more leads.

Do any of these situations feel familiar?

  • Sales & marketing departments aren’t aligned on what content assets are needed
  • Reps have no way to keep adding value to the lead relationship
  • Content isn’t building the trust in your brand needed to close
  • Content holds no entertainment or information value for the lead
  • Senior leaders aren’t supporting content; why should they?
  • Account reps don’t know what content they have, or when or how to use it
  • There’s no proof content helped make the lead take a desired action
  • You’ve got a pricey technology platform that’s basically gathering dust
  • No clarity around content strategy at all, just confusion and chaos around the issue

We address many content challenges, but our hearts are in B2B, Account Based Marketing, and marketing automation. Those things can’t work without effective stories filling their content pipelines. It’s the part left out of most discussions, and it’s the most important part. We craft story strategy that helps close, then actually get the content production going. (Shouldn’t the people making your content know why they’re making it?)

We help make sure account reps have content that hits home, that they can use to authentically build relationships with clients and leads, resulting in more closings, up-sells and retention.