Video at Scale

Consistently telling effective stories is no small task.  But customers’ expectations that relevant content will be there before making a buying decision are going nowhere but up.

Most sales and marketing professionals accept that traditional project and campaign thinking is not a valid approach to meeting growing content demands.  But they struggle to find a viable alternative.

As multi-modal storytellers with corporate marketing, ad agency and entertainment experience, we help companies meet this challenge.  Through our own trial and error, we discovered an asset-based approach to content that’s actually scalable.

It starts by clarifying customer segments, then outlining their journeys and aligning those stages to the appropriate channels – BEFORE you set out to make content.  Armed with this targeted data, your storytellers can then craft a production plan that will result in the simultaneous creation of multiple assets that directly align with stated sales pursuits.

Example: If the sales team has qualified a key prospect, they could request custom assets.  Content producers could then identify the appropriate subject matter expert within the company and conduct a video interview with that expert.  Beyond creating several compelling short videos aimed at various stages of the customer journey, the transcript from this interview could then be mined to build additional assets, like a white paper, opinion piece, blog post or webinar outline. The audio could be stripped and edited to create a podcast.

We’re convinced that by revealing a deeper understanding of customers’ content needs and applying the fundamentals of storytelling, content producers can scale content to drive more sales, close more leads, achieve customer trust and retention, and reap the ROI of content.